Jewish Secondary School #22 was established in Kishinev in the summer of 1991 jointly by Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova and Israeli Department of Culture and Education. It started as a secular institution with curiculum combining educational requirements of both Israel and Moldova. Classes are conducted in Russian. However, students of all grades (1 to 11) study Hebrew and Romanian languages. The school prepares children for repatriation to Israel (Aliya), where the majority of Moldova's Jewish population is heading. There now reside most of those who joined the school in 1991, among the first. Many others now live in the U.S., Canada, even Australia and Germany.

Students have won medals and prizes in subject competitions "Heftsiba", regularly conducted by Israeli Fund of Culture and Enlightment in Diaspora among the Jewish Schools of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Many volunteer for Kishinev's Jewish Cultural Society, that takes care of the Jewish cemeteries and distributes pecuniary aid and donations of American and Israeli Communities to the eldery. Students are also the main inhabitants of Sochnut's Summer Camp "Nesharim" and winter seminars. School alone with the camps was the best part of my life... There I met my best friends, with many of whom I still keep in touch.

If you ever were a student of the Jewish Secondary School #22 in Kishinev, please fill out the form on the bottom, and your name will be added to this list. (owing an email account is not necessary!) If you'd like to contact anyone whose name appears on this page, send requests by email to

News 1996: The school was renamed in honor of the late Prime Minnister of Israel Itzhak Rabin. After the `96 11th grade graduated, school's principal Mikhail Romanovich Lezner immigrated to Israel. The school had moved to a new building, not far from the original location:

Jewish Secondary School #22
Str. Romana 14
Chisinau, Moldova 2005

On April 26, 1997 we had a wonderful Reunion of former students of Jewish School #22, Yeshiva Agudat Yisrael in Kishinev, and people who have been to Camp Nesharim. About two dozen people came to restaurant "Hunter" in New York to the event organized by Alex Mazler; some of them travelled all the way from California and even Canada. You can click here to see some pictures taken there.

Back in old days, in January 1992, a group of Jewish School #22 students went on a Bnei Akiva trip to Moscow. Many thanks to Tanya Volnikova for the photos she gave me.

Guys, I am still looking for my friends from our school: Ilya German and Elena Iakunina. Ilya went to ninth grade in 1991-92 with me and immigrated to Germany in 1993. Elena went to tenth grade in 1991 and left for Israel in Spring 1992. If you have any information about their current location, please let me know!
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Former Students of the Jewish Secondary School #22 in Kishinev


Jewish Secondary School #22, Ninth Grade, May 1992

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    Noam & Sara Demsky [Hebrew Teachers]  
      Marina Derevyannaya  
      Benyamin Avramovich Drubetsky [History Teacher]
      Irina Dunayevskaya
    Ilya Erlikhman
    Lyudmila Genadevna Feldman [Chemistry Teacher]
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      Edik Fishman
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      Svetlana Kobuzyatskaya[Elementary School Teacher]
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      Sofiya Laskina [Elementary School Teacher]
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      Boris Merishchinskiy  
      Shura Mikhman  
      Sveta Mirochnik  
      Eva Iosifovna Muchnik [English Teacher]  
      Boris Nudelman  
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      Faina Shpichinetskaya
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